Clean Seas and Clean Homes with OceanSaver

Plastic pollution is overwhelming global waters. If it keeps building at the current rate it’s been estimated that by 2050 there could be more plastic in the sea than fish. Tackling this is an all-hands on deck situation so this month Naked Sprout is partnering with OceanSaver®, a trailblazing company reducing plastic waste in cleaning products. 

Around 29 billion household cleaning products are produced annually, most of them packaged in single-use plastic bottles that end up clogging landfills and polluting oceans. Like us, OceanSaver has decided enough is enough. They are not only producing a range of innovative and effective plastic-free cleaning products, they are saving plastic from reaching the ocean with reusable bottles made from POP (Prevented Ocean Plastic) - recycled material sourced from coastlines where it is most at risk of entering our waters. 

Naked Sprout customers often tell us how much they appreciate the lack of harsh chemicals in our products. OceanSaver are on the same page with their gentle, effective cleaning products. Their spray refills, dishwasher tablets, and laundry sheets are kind to skin and are never tested on animals. They’re even going above and beyond for our seas with the first ever laundry pod that is friendly to ocean life

All this without compromising on quality - their products are tested for cleaning power against leading UK brands to make sure they perform just as well. So you can keep your home ship-shape while caring for our wider environment. 

To date, OceanSaver has saved over 2 million plastic bottles from going to our oceans, but sadly there’s still plenty of plastic in the sea. So if you’re ready to become a part of the movement towards plastic-free cleaning now’s the time to jump aboard. 

This month OceanSaver is welcoming Naked Sprout customers with a discount on their wonderful sea-friendly cleaning products

You can take 15% off orders on their website with the code: NAKED15. 

Say Pollocks to Plastic and save a few squid with OceanSaver!