Why is Bamboo So Sustainable?

At Naked Sprout we are huge bamboo fans. Here are some facts you may not know about our number one superplant, and why it is ranked among the most renewable materials on Earth.

Bamboo helps the world breathe! As it grows it absobs up to 30% more carbon dioxide than trees, and can produce 35% more oxygen.

Bamboo grows to its fully mature size in just 3-4 years, compared to tress which will often take more than 30 years.

In the perfect climate, bamboo can grow 3 feet in just 24 hours!

It’s technically a grass, so it renews itself naturally. Just like grass doesn’t need to be replanted after mowing, bamboo doesn’t need to be replanted after harvesting.

And it requires no pesticides or harsh chemicals to grow. Rain water does the job perfectly.

Bamboo is extremely strong yet lightweight. It’s historically been used to make scaffolding for buildings, and construction firms in Hong Kong still use it today.

It’s lean, it’s green, and it’s naturally clean. Bamboo has many antibacterial properties and is ideal for hygiene products as a result.

Bamboo is grown commercially grown across Asia – known as ‘The kingdom of bamboo’ because it provides the perfect climate for bamboo to thrive. But as wonderful properties of this plant become more apparent new forests are springing up in temperate zones around the world.