Our charity work

Giving Back with Just a Drop

Sanitation is a human right. Naked Sprout and its customers are supporting the global effort to increase access to clean water and safe toilets worldwide. 

Just a Drop share our determination to meet challenges with sustainable solutions. They work alongside local partners to implement water and sanitation initiatives. Designed by people in the affected communities and subsequently owned, maintained and managed by them. 

Every box we sell supports the life-saving work of Just a Drop. Since 1998 Just a Drop has  reached over 1.9 million people in 32 countries. 

Our impact so far

We work closely with the Just a Drop team to provide steady support, making a donation for every box we sell. Every Naked Sprout box sold provides a child in Kenya safe water at school.

Our support is allowing Just a Drop to extend their worthwhile initiatives into more areas.

We’re donating at home too

with Naked Sprout toilet rolls reaching 317 charities across the UK. 

300 thousand+ people

Our customers have supported projects reaching 300 thousand+ people across local communities, schools and health centres round the world.

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