Our Impact

"Naked Sprout's mission is to provide affordable, eco-friendly alternatives to every products - free from plastic, bleach and harsh chemicals.  Using our business to help protect our planet and inspire change"

Impact Report

"It's our collective and individual responsibility to preserve the world we live in"

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In 2020 we saved..

Soft & Sustainable Bamboo Toilet Roll

59 million litres of water

Equivalent to 146,608 paddling pools!

Eco Friendly Bamboo Toilet Rolls

1.5 million litres of chemicals

Equivalent of 3,962 paddling pools!

Bamboo Toilet Rolls Help Reduce Deforestation and save the trees

6,424 m2 of plastic

Enough plastic to cover 32 tennis courts!

No individual wrapping or plastic

1,761 trees

Over 88,000 years of growth time!

Carbon Balanced Programme

We are offsetting the unavoidable emissions of our energy and water associated with our general operations, along with the shipment of products by sea freight through the World Land Trust's Carbon Balanced Programme.

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