Recycled Toilet Paper vs. Bamboo Toilet Paper

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to Regular Toilet Paper? Look no further. 

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper better than Recycled Toilet Paper? 

In short, yes. 
Recycled Toilet Paper is better than Regular Toilet Paper but still produces 30% more carbon emissions than Naked Sprout's 100% natural Bamboo Toilet Paper.

How else is Bamboo Toilet Paper better than Recycled?

  • Avoids deforestation
  • No chemicals used
  • Less energy
  • Renewable plant
  • Less water

Why Naked Sprout?


No unnecessary wrapping

9, 24, 48 and 92 roll boxes available

Every box provides a child in Kenya safe water at school

Is bamboo toilet paper eco-friendly?

Yes – bamboo absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide than trees and produces 35% more oxygen than trees. It's naturally the fastest growing plant in the world and rapidly renewable. Growing up to 3 feet in 24 hours and reaching maturity within 4-6 years. It's a highly sustainable crop. Unlike traditional toilet paper which is made from trees that take 30-60 years to mature. Toilet paper is a high use product – so using bamboo to manufacture this is extremely eco-friendly.

Is bamboo toilet paper better for the environment? 

Carbon emissions from producing our bamboo Naked Rolls are 30% lower than recycled and 65% lower than regular toilet roll. In addition Naked Rolls are the only unbleached toilet roll on the market - with zero chemicals and zero plastic. Other bamboo toilet rolls on the market are chemically treated, bleached and/or individually wrapped. Although this might look pretty – this is unnecessary, bad for the environment and wasteful!

Can bamboo paper be recycled? 

Bamboo paper can be recycled – but toilet roll is the end use of any paper - no used toilet roll is recyclable. After use toilet roll degrades in water – which is why we feel it’s really important not to add chemicals in to the paper – so our Naked Rolls contain no bleach or chemicals.

Why is bamboo toilet paper considered expensive? 

Although it might be considered expensive it’s not!! Our rolls are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible and contain 300 sheets per roll making them great value per sheet. We also offer free shipping and deliver directly to your door.

What is the most environmentally friendly toilet paper? 

Carbon emissions from producing our bamboo Naked Rolls are 30% lower than recycled and 65% lower than regular toilet roll, they also contain no bleach or chemicals – meaning nothing harmful goes into our waterways.

Who makes the best bamboo toilet paper? 

At Naked Sprout we believe our bamboo toilet roll is the best and most environmentally friendly bamboo toilet paper. We do not use chemicals or unnecessary packaging and do our best to ensure our product is the most environmentally friendly it can be.

How is Naked Sprout bamboo toilet paper made?

The process for making bamboo toilet roll is very simple and efficient. Bamboo is harvested, shredded, boiled and pressed – then rolled into large rolls of toilet paper, which are then cut into smaller rolls, and packaged.

Is bamboo a renewable resource? 

Yes - bamboo is an extremely renewable resource that has been growing in South Asia for millions of years. Bamboo is highly renewable and can grow up to 44mm per hour, which means that it can be replenished immediately after being used. It is soft, strong and renewable – which makes it the ideal material for toilet paper. 

Does bamboo toilet paper breakdown?

Bamboo toilet paper breaks-down in the same way as traditional toilet paper. We test our bamboo toilet paper for disintegration and wet strength on a regular basis. Bamboo toilet paper breaks down easily in water meaning it doesn't create clumps that may block up your pipes. Watch this video showing how easily the paper breaks down in water:

Is bamboo toilet paper better than regular toilet paper?

We certainly think so! Bamboo toilet paper outperforms traditional and recycled paper options. It is naturally softer than traditional and recycled toilet paper, thick and absorbent.

Is bamboo toilet paper for you?

Absolutely! Anyone who would like to make the switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle should consider swapping out their traditional (or recycled) toilet paper for bamboo toilet paper. Bamboo is renewable resource which makes it ideal for a high use product.

Bamboo toilet roll is good for the environment and good for your wallet too.