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B Corp is a global movement to make businesses more sustainable, responsible, and transparent. To be certified as a B Corp a company must pass a rigorous assessment, a measure of their impact on its workers, customers, community and environment.

In 2021 Naked Sprout passed our B Corp assessment with an impact score of 128. This makes us the highest rated B Corp in our sector.

Tissue products may seem simple, and they should be! But most normal tissue products contain harsh chemicals that can damage the environment and impact our health. These include: bleaching agents, formaldehyde, BPA (Bisphenol A), PFAS (forever chemicals) and more.

The production of normal toilet roll wipes out more than 27,000 trees a day. Roughly 9 million a year. Add in the huge amount of heat needed to dry tissue pulp, and the carbon emissions from the natural gas that provides this heat, and it's a grim picture all round.

Naked Sprout tissue products are unbleached - free from harsh chemicals and plastic. Other toilet rolls on the market are produced using fossil fuels, most are bleached, and many are individually wrapped.

Our factory uses renewable biomass rather than fossil fuels to power its furnaces, and renewable solar, wind, and hydro energy generated onsite for electricity. As a result our CO2e emissions from producing Naked Sprout products are 50% lower than eco alternatives on the market. Our processes are so clean that the water we use in our factory can be returned to the river without any degredation in key environmental parameters, and our toilet rolls are certified PFAS and BPA free as well.

Our factory is also a certified B Corp in its own right, with good jobs and a living wage for everyone who makes our rolls.

We are proud to work with Just a Drop, who support locally-managed sanitation and water development projects around the world.

We work closely with the team there, and because our profits are variable like any business we structure our donations based on our revenue rather than our profits. So we make a donation for every box we sell (the equivalent of what it currently costs them to provide water for one schoolchild in Kenya for a year). That helps Just a Drop forecast upcoming funding based on our current stock levels and means we can provide really steady support throughout the year. We also donate physical toilet rolls!

Since 2023 we've worked with the Trussell Trust to ensure that any extra stock or returns find their way to good homes around the UK, courtesy of their fantastic network of foodbanks and community hubs.

The bamboo we use is different to the type that pandas eat!

As well as manufacturing our tissue products using renewable energy we are making further savings by moving part of our transport to electrified rail, and delivering to our customers with DPD, who are upgrading their distribution network with a wide-ranging portfolio of sustainability initiatives, with 33% of their delivery fleet consisting of electric vehicles as of 2024.

We are working with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) to identify ways to further lower our climate footprint. The SBTi is a global partnership bringing together CDP, the United Nations Global Compact, the World Resources Institute and the WWF.

They create models to define and promote the best practice in emissions reduction, in line with the best climate science. Naked Sprout has approved near and long-term science-based emissions reduction targets with the SBTi. We have a clear path - with targets that are assessed and validated, and guidance on the best way forward. The SBTi has verified Naked Sprout’s net-zero science-based target by 2040. As far as we know we are the first toilet roll company in the UK to make these commitments.

Yes you can calculate the CO2 and chemicals you are saving using our carbon calculator here

We do not have any businesses or subsidiaries in China. Our products are manufactured in a B Corp certified tissue factories in Spain. All employees are paid a living wage.

Yes we do. We are committed to measuring, reporting and improving our emissions - and have a net-zero target set for 2040 approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). The SBTi is a global partnership bringing together CDP, the United Nations Global Compact, the World Resources Institute and the WWF.

They create models to define and promote the best practice in emissions reduction, in line with the best climate science. We have calculated our emissions according to guidance from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
Our 2023 calculations are the 3 scopes are:
Scope 1: 0 tonnes c02e
Scope 2: 2.70 tonnes c02e
Scope 3: 3127.97 tonnes c02e

We are taking steps based on guidance from the SBTi to further reduce these emissions each year, until our we reach our net-zero target.

All of our products are manufactured using solar, wind, hydro and biomass energy, in the world's highest rated B Corp tissue factory in Spain. Both products are delivered in recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes without the use of tape and using polymer free, vegan glue. All artwork is printed with soy ink too. None of our products use harsh chemicals and all the ingredients we use to make our tissue are ISEGA certified - meaning they are safe enough to eat (not that we'd recommend it!).

Here are the main differences between our bamboo and recycled products:

Raw materials
Our bamboo comes from FSC-certified forests in China, where the bamboo is grown, harvested, and pulped. The pulp is dried and baled in China, and these bales are transported by sea freight to Europe. Our recycled cardboard and kraft paper is from post consumer waste collected kerbside in Spain, collected from within 85km of our factory.

Chemicals / Bleach
Our bamboo is unbleached and not chemically whitened in any way - meaning it is soft and kind to skin. Our recycled paper is also unbleached and because it's made with waste cardboard and paper packaging materials it makes brown rolls, with no de-inking required.

Climate footprint
In 2023 our bamboo paper had a slightly lower climate footprint (1.8%!) than our recycled paper. This is because our recycled material was being collected kerbside by trucks (think of the recycling vans you see in your town collecting recycling). This is a little bit more carbon heavy than the sea-freight used to transport the bamboo to our factory. However, in 2024 we have set up an arrangement with supermarkets close to our factory in Spain so we can collect more packaging materials at a time, meaning fewer road miles for the same amount of raw material, and so our updated climate footprint for 2024 will be lower for our recycled paper.
Thanks to our fossil fuel free manufacturing, both types of toilet roll produce at least 50% less CO2e than other eco brands (including recycled made in the UK and other bamboo toilet rolls manufactured in China).

We don't currently have sample or trial boxes but we offer a full refund guarantee so if you buy a box and aren't satisfied for any reason you can get in touch with us and we'll process a refund.

You can also buy smaller 6 roll packs of toilet rolls and individual tissues boxes via Ocado if you happen to shop with them.

Yes, they can. All of our packaging and the inner cores of our rolls are already made from recycled materials, and they're ready to recycled again. Our cardboard boxes (the outer packaging for all of our products, and the smaller boxes that contain our facial tissues) can be included with your standard household cardboard recycling.

We love the natural brown colour of our rolls! Although wrapping toilet rolls might look pretty we think they add an unnecessary amount of packaging, dyes, and the road miles to transport them. Plus, paper wrappings are often made from virgin tree pulp, and we don't use virgin tree pulp in any of our products - we use FSC certified bamboo and recyled packaging materials. You can read more about why we don't wrap our rolls on our blog.

Naked Sprout is manufactured in one of the world's only B Corp certified tissue factories, in Girona, Spain. Our factory powers its operations with onsite solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric generators and biomass. This is the key difference between Naked Sprout and bamboo rolls that are mass-produced in China, and it means that our CO2e emissions are at least 50% lower in comparison.

Although other eco toilet roll companies often use carbon balancing to offset the emissions associated with their operations we believe that keeping our emissions low in the first place is the best way forward. Working with a B Corp factory also means we can ensure good jobs and a living wage for everyone who makes our rolls.

There's no standard sheet-count for toilet rolls so it can be hard to compare but if you look at the cost per sheet Naked Rolls are similar in price to leading brands. Our rolls are 2-ply and 320 sheets, around twice the length of many rolls you'll find in the shops, so they last a long time. You can see our price comparison here.

We also give to charity with every purchase. Every time you buy a box from us we make a donation to Just a Drop, so you're helping support clean water and sanitation initiatives around the world.

Air freight has the highest emissions of commercial transport methods, so as part of our policy to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible we completely avoid air miles. Our bamboo travels by road and then sea from China to our factory in Spain, and the packaging materials we use for our recycled rolls come from within 85km of our factory. We are making further savings by moving part of our transport to electrified rail. Our factory in Northern Spain is close to a railway station so after a short trip by road our products travel from Northern Spain all the way to Calais by train. From Calais they come via ferry to Dover. Sadly rail transport within the UK isn't currently possible so from Dover our products travel by road to the Midlands, the last stop before they go to customers.

We deliver to our customers with DPD, who are upgrading their distribution network with a wide-ranging portfolio of sustainability initiatives, with 33% of their delivery fleet consisting of electric vehicles as of 2024.

Our toilet paper is tested for wet strength and disintegration to make sure it breaks down just like any other toilet paper. It's also unbleached and free from harsh chemicals so it's suitable for use in septic systems, boats, campervans. Some of our team have septic tanks at home and use Naked Sprout toilet paper without any issues. We do appreciate everyone's system is different so if you try Naked Sprout and decide it's not a good fit for any reason you can contact us at and we'll refund you.

For those with sensitive skin, bamboo might be a good shout, providing a source of fibre that’s soft, strong, and naturally antibacterial. Bamboo fibres are also strong, which means that bamboo toilet paper can be both soft and durable, minimising the need for extra chemicals to strengthen it. And the benefits that apply to our bamboo rolls are also true for our recycled rolls; there’s no harsh chemicalsno bleach, and no PFAS to worry about.

Bamboo/recycled toilet rolls:

Diameter - 110 mm

Length - 97 mm

Inner core diameter - 38 mm


Bamboo kitchen rolls:

Diameter - 117 mm

Length - 240 mm

Inner core diameter - 38mm


Tissue Packets:

Footprint - 225 x 115 mm

Height - 47 mm

24 bamboo toilet rolls/24 recycled toilet rolls: 

Footprint - 410 x 310 mm

Height - 200 mm 


48 bamboo toilet rolls/48 recycled toilet rolls:

Footprint - 401 x 310 mm

Height - 390 mm


6 bamboo kitchen rolls:

Footprint - 350 x 235 mm

Height - 240 mm


12 packets of bamboo tissues:

Footprint - 360 x 200 mm

Height - 250 mm

Naked Sprout does not perform any animal testing in any part of the supply chain. 

First and foremost - our carbon footprint is 50% lower than other eco brands. This is mainly because we use renewable energy generated on site at our factory to manufacture our products. We also don't bleach or wrap our rolls.

We have provided an extensive comparison of how our rolls compare with other eco brands on our evidence page.

We think you will be! But if you try us and you're not happy for any reason we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Yes, we do – please contact us at for more information.

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We ship to most UK addresses using DPD, who are implementing a wide range of sustainability initiatives, with 33% electric vehicles in their delivery fleet as of 2024. Unfortunately we're not currently able to deliver to Jersey, the Scilly Isles, or the Isle of Man.

Not at the moment, but we're working on it!

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