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After a lot of hard work we are really proud to now be a B CORP! B Corp Certification doesn't just evaluate a product or service; it assesses the overall positive impact of the company that stands behind it. Certified B Corporations achieve a minimum verified score on the B Impact Assessment - a rigorous assessment of a company's impact on its workers, customers, community and environment. 

Our Impact Score is 128.

Most normal tissue products contain nasty chemicals such as bleaching agents. These chemicals poison waterways, damage the environment and some are bad for health. These include: bleaching agents, formaldehyde, BPA (Bisphenol A), de-inking agents, chlorine dioxide, sodium sulphide, sodium hydroxide, sodium sulphate, anti-slime agents, filler, adhesives, wet strength enhancers and more…

The production of normal toilet roll wipes out more than 27,000 trees a day. Roughly 9 million a year.

Bamboo requires no pesticides or fertilisers and only needs rainwater to grow. Bamboo absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide than trees and produces 35% more oxygen than trees. It is naturally the fastest growing plant in the world and rapidly renewable. Growing up to 3 feet in 24 hours and reaching maturity within 4-6 years - trees take 30-60 years. 

This makes for some serious tissue strength, quality and sustainability.

We continue to research and develop the most eco-friendly options. We aim to offer the most sustainable solution possible at an affordable price.

Naked Sprout tissue products are unbleached - free from harsh chemicals and plastic. Most other bamboo tissue products on the market are chemically treated, bleached and/or individually wrapped. Although this might look pretty – in our opinion this is unnecessary, bad for the environment and wasteful! 

Carbon emissions from producing Naked Sprout bamboo toilet rolls are lower than recycled and non-recycled toilet roll.

Our manufacturing is also fossil fuel free and our factory is a certified B Corp.

Like any company our profits can be variable so instead of working on a percentage of profit we've chosen to structure our donations with Just a Drop so that every box we sell gives a child in Kenya safe water at school.

This means Just a Drop know what they can expect in donations and our customers can be clear on what the donation supports. We work closely with Just a Drop to make regular payments that fit in with their operating needs and to forecast the amount they can expect to receive based on our stock provisions, helping them to forward plan their work. In addition to this, Naked Sprout commit to providing at least 2% of our total revenue to charitable partners (including donations in kind) every year.

The bamboo we use is different to the type that pandas eat!

We transport our products by sea freight and use the closest possible ports to our factory and warehouse to ensure road miles are kept to a minimum. We have also chosen to deliver to our customers using DPD, the UK's most sustainable delivery company. Their delivery is Carbon Neutral and by using the existing network and infrastructure of daily deliveries they have – this also reduces our impact on the environment. As well as this our factory is carbon neutral and fossil fuel free - learn more about our factory here. As a company we do as much as we can to limit our carbon footprint.

Our comparison is based on a complete lifecycle analysis comparing Naked Sprout bamboo toilet roll and recycled toilet roll manufactured in the same factory.
Yes you can calculate the CO2 and chemicals you are saving using our carbon calculator here

Absolutely! You can order a mixed sample box of all of our tissue products here

Yes, they can. Depending on where you live you can pop them in your recycling collection or take them to your local recycling centre.

Because although this might look pretty – it is unnecessary, bad for the environment and wasteful! At Naked Sprout we believe in cutting out waste and only using the essentials to make our products. Wrapping toilet roll helps it to look good – but uses unnecessary and wasteful inks and materials.

Our products are manufactured in Europe. Our factory is powered entirely by biomass and solar energy and is a certified BCORP. The bamboo currently comes from Asia, as Asia is known as the ‘Kingdom of Bamboo’ growing the most bamboo of any continent in the world. FSC certified bamboo pulp is shipped to our factory by sea. We are looking to source it closer to home. Carbon emissions from producing Naked Sprout toilet roll are lower than recycled and normal toilet roll. The bamboo is shredded, boiled, dried, and rolled into tissue paper, hence the off-white colour – no bleach and no harsh chemicals. We transport by sea freight and use the closest possible ports to our factory and warehouse to ensure road miles are kept to a minimum. We have chosen to deliver to our customers using DPD – The UK’s Most Sustainable Delivery Company, leading the way in green delivery. Using their existing network and infrastructure of daily deliveries they have – this also reduces our impact on the environment. 

Naked Sprout are offsetting the unavoidable emissions associated with general operations and the shipments by sea freight through The World Land Trusts Carbon Balanced programme. We know our products aren’t perfect, but we are committed to doing all we can to reduce the impact they have on our planet and to help inspire change.

Each brand and roll varies on ply (thickness) and length of roll – making it hard to compare. Naked Rolls are similar in price to leading brands. The easiest way to compare is to look at cost per sheet. Our rolls are 2-ply and 320 sheets. This makes ours exxxxxxtra long lasting! They are also extremely soft. Supporting Just a Drop with every box you buy – helps provide clean water to children at school in Kenya.

As part of our policy to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible we completely avoid air miles. Using sea freight to ship bamboo from Asia to Europe and then to the port local to our warehouse helps cut down emissions. Our warehouse is situated within 70 miles of the port – meaning reduced road miles for our toilet rolls. We are actively researching different ways to further limit damage to the environment.

Our toilet paper breaks down just like any other toilet paper – and don’t forget it’s free from harsh chemicals. As it doesn’t contain any bleach or dyes – it is the perfect toilet paper to use in septic systems, boats, campervans, etc as it will dissolve naturally. Some of our team have septic tanks at home and use Naked Sprout toilet paper without any issues. We aren’t of course qualified plumbers.

Yes, our products are vegan friendly.

No, our bamboo toilet roll is free from harsh chemicals and extremely soft. With absolutely no hydrogen peroxide, bleach, inks, dyes, scents etc. Regular tree-based toilet roll (including recycled) requires many chemicals to turn it into soft white paper. In our paper production process - because we only use virgin bamboo fibres, we are able to process pulp without harsh chemicals. The bamboo is harvested, chipped, boiled to soften it and then pressed. Often at the boiling stage harsh chemicals are added to whiten the paper - however we have chosen not to do this - which is why our paper is a natural colour.

Yes definitely! Bamboo is naturally hypo-allergenic, and our products have absolutely no nasty additives.

24 roll box: 46 x 23 x 30cm

48 roll box: 58 x 46 x 23cm

Kitchen roll: 35 x 21 x 23cm

Tissues: 44 x 33 x 13cm

Yes all products and packaging are biodegradable 

We think you will be! But if you’re unhappy we offer 100% money back guarantee. Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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