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Helps reduce deforestation

Carbon neutral delivery

Carbon neutral manufacturing

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Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is a 'Superplant' - and the fastest growing plant in the world. Growing up to 3 feet in 24 hours

* Absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide than trees 

*Produces 35% more oxygen than trees 

*Maturity reached within 4-6 years. Trees take 30-60 years. 

*Requires no pesticides or fertilizers - only needs rain water to grow

Our Factory

Carbon neutral manufacturing

Our factory is a B CORP and powered entirely by renewable energy. Specifically hydro, wind, biomass and 8000+ onsite solar panels. The biomass plant generates steam by using residues from nearby forests - this helps prevent wild fires in the summer. After the required water has been used it is returned to the river in the same condition as it was taken - using the onsite chemical free wastewater treatment plant.

Charity Partner

Every box of kitchen roll gives a child in Kenya safe water at school for 6 months

We've supported over 70,000 children so far through our partnership with Just a Drop. 2 billion people don't have access to adequate sanitation. In over 32 countries Just a Drop transform lives by implementing sustainable clean water, sanitation and hygiene systems. They have supported over 1.8 million people so far.

About us

Founded on a love for the planet

Thanks for visiting Naked Sprout. We’re a small British business who believe by making small everyday changes - we can make a difference. Our mission is to provide affordable, eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products - free from plastic, bleach and harsh chemicals. Using our business to help protect our planet and inspire change. 

Thanks for your support! 


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Happy customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why make the switch?

Normally kitchen roll comes in plastic packaging and contains a long list of chemicals. It takes trees 30-60 years to grow before they're cut down for a single use product. 27,000 trees are being cut down each day! 

Our kitchen roll is made from unbleached sustainable bamboo - which is  fast growing and can be harvested on an annual basis. The packaging is 100% plastic free - and the kitchen roll has no bleach or nasty chemicals. It's a super-absorbent, sustainable alternative! 

How well do they absorb?

Just like normal kitchen roll! Check out this video here

How long will they last?

Each roll has 120 sheets - it depends how many spills you have!

Are bamboo kitchen towels any good?

Absolutely! Bamboo is strong – so it doesn’t rip easily and also has a high absorbency compared to kitchen towels made from trees or recycled paper. This means it doesn’t need to be folded over to mop up spills – leading to less wastage. They are more sustainable than paper towels made from wood based paper – and are versatile, sturdy and absorbent.

Are bamboo kitchen towels antibacterial? 

Bamboo has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties – which make it a better option than wood based kitchen towels. Our bamboo kitchen roll is also unbleached - meaning there are no nasty chemicals.

Is Naked Sprout bamboo kitchen roll environmentally friendly? 

Naked Sprout kitchen roll is made from sustainable bamboo from FSC certified forests. Bamboo requires no pesticides or fertilisers and only needs rainwater to grow. Bamboo absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than trees. It is naturally the fastest growing plant in the world and rapidly renewable. Growing up to 3 feet in 24 hours and reaching maturity within 4-6 years - trees take 30-60 years. Our kitchen rolls are unbleached and 100% chemical free.

What is kitchen roll used for?

Kitchen roll is very versatile – you can use it for mopping up spills, wiping faces and hands, wiping up dirt (such as animal paw prints from your kitchen floor!), drying food such as salad, lining salad trays in your fridge. As an alternative to plates for those spontaneous BBQs, at children’s’ birthday parties and at the dining room table as an alternative to paper napkins.

Can kitchen roll go in food waste bins or the compost?

Yes it can – our bamboo kitchen roll is fully compostable –  and it contains no chemicals – so no nasties will go into the soil.

Can we use toilet paper in kitchen? 

You can – but we’d recommend using our kitchen roll as the sheets are bigger and designed to use in the kitchen.

What other names are there for kitchen roll? 

Kitchen roll can be called paper towel, kitchen paper or kitchen towel.

What is the difference between toilet paper and kitchen roll? 

Toilet paper has finer fibres which makes it softer and also allows it to breakdown more easily. Kitchen roll has larger more absorbent fibres which are designed to maximise strength and absorbency.

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