We need the upcoming generations to have the highest understanding of what deforestation is doing to our planet. So, on top of the usuals (we need to trees to breath, animals need trees to live in). Naked Sprout have put some points together to help try and encourage your children make a positive change for the future in one way or another.

1. Learn more about rainforests (what animals live there and the scale of which it is cut down per month, week and day) IDEA* You could calculate this percentage against the footprint of your children’s bedroom and every day fill their bedroom up with something that takes over this floor space until there is no room left!

2. Read about other children that live in or near the rainforest and learn how they depend upon it

3. Ask your school to buy environmentally friendly paper and to only print when necessary

4. Write a letter to organisations that are doing their bit to protect rainforests to thank them

5. Write letters to organisations that are not doing their bit