5 activities to teach your children about deforestation

We need the younger generations to understand the importance of our forests and to feel connected with the global task of preserving them. So on top of the usuals (we need to trees to breath, animals need trees to live in). Naked Sprout have put some ideas together to help your children make a positive change for the future.

1. Learn more about rainforests and the animals that live there. Greenpeace have put together this brilliant information pack about our forests and how we can protect them, with positive steps you can take.

2. Read about other children living in or near rainforests and how they have protected them. We love The Boy Who Grew a Forest by Sophia Golz, about Indian Forest Worker Jadev Payeng, who has planted a whole forest to protect the wild animals where he lives!

3. If your school has an eco council or senedd ask if you can join it. If not, you can ask your head-teacher to start one. Make sure your school is only using environmentally-friendly printer paper.

4. Write a letter to organisations that are doing their bit to protect forests to thank them and ask for more information if you’re curious about anything. We are always so happy to hear from young people at Naked Sprout!

5. Write letters to organisations that are not doing their bit. A good start is if you can see the little FSC logo on their products. If they don’t have this, they aren’t making sure their paper is coming from protected sources.