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1KG of Naked Sprout bamboo toilet roll

1KG of Naked Sprout recycled toilet roll

Our life cycle assessment (LCA)

Naked Sprout have published the climate footprint of our products, making us the first and only toilet roll with Climate Labelling. We're challenging the rest of the industry to do the same.

Our numbers are provided in CO2e, a measure of all the climate changing gasses emitted during the entire life cycle of our products. They come from the most thorough and transparent life cycle assessment (LCA) in our industry, meeting the ISO 14067 standard.

What do we count? Everything - right down to the powering of the individual powering of the forklifts at our factory! Our LCA takes into account:

Raw materials

This covers emissions from growing, harvesting and pulping our bamboo, transporting it to our factory, and collecting the cardboard boxes we use to make our recycled rolls.


This is where the big saving is. With no fossil fuels used in manufacturing we have removed the largest source of emissions for toilet rolls. And we keep driving innovation at our factory, with a patented process for conserving heat in our furnace, natural adhesives made from pine sap, and 2 ply rolls made with the same thickness as 3 ply.

Distribution and waste treatment

This is where we calculate the emissions caused by moving our rolls from the factory in Spain to our warehouse in the UK, and final delivery to your doorstep. We work with DPD, who are converting their fleet and wider operations to use more sustainable sources of fuel. DPD make a climate offset for delivery to your door, but we don't believe in offsetting at Naked Sprout, so we've added their delivery figure back into our total.

These emissions are at least 50% lower than other eco brands, and much lower than the bog standard rolls on supermarket shelves.

If you'd like to learn more about our life cycle assessment, with a full breakdown of how we count emissions at every stage, you can check out the LCA series on our blog here