Our Top Seven Stylish Toilet Roll Holders

An elegant antique toilet roll holder

Here on our blog we talk about eco tissue products. We do our best to marshall all of our facts and figures so we can provide informative discussion and analysis of our uniquely sustainable methods. 

Well, that’s not what you’re getting today. Today we’re heading out of our comfort zone, and talking style. 

That’s right, over the last few years we’ve received a few pics from wonderful customers of our rolls in all holders of all shapes and sizes. We thought it was time to share them with the world. So here, in no particular order, are the swankiest, sturdiest, most fashion-forward toilet roll holders money can buy. 

toilet rolls in their box, next to the loo

1. The Box

First things first, let’s hope there’s no men in the household because that box is in a dangerous position for a stand-up pee. 

Location aside though, this has got to be a contender for the most practical solution to the eternal problem of where to store your toilet roll. And while the holder is basic, we applaud the extra effort that’s gone into the presentation. Our toilet rolls come neatly packed in rows inside the box, so the owner here has arranged them in a more organic, haphazard pile - making individual rolls easier to grab and introducing a playful joie-de-vivre. 

a toilet roll holder in the shape of a sheep

2. The Shepherd’s Friend

Did you know Naked Sprout is actually partly made with sheep droppings? You do now. Farmers that raise sheep in the fields near our factory collect their droppings in slurry tanks, and the gas that forms at the top of these tanks helps power the furnaces in our factory. 

So this woolly roll keeper, which comes courtesy of our lovely customer Tania, is extremely appropriate. We particularly appreciate the way the fleece is created using the natural curves of the toilet roll, and the curious sideways glance of the woolly chap.  

A wall mounted octopus toilet roll holder

3. Neptune’s Bounty

Ahoy there!

Nautical motifs are a favourite for bathrooms, so we’re delighted to have this example of ocean-themed holdery from Emma (who also sent in a pic of some rolls with her unbelievably gorgeous dog, not pictured). Octopuses are
famously intelligent, with the largest brain-to-body ratio of any invertebrate, and great problem-solving skills. And this particular octopus has snagged a rare bounty in the form of our soft, unbleached toilet paper. But are the rolls being offered, or stolen? Only the octopus knows. 

A freestanding toilet roll holder in the shape of a gorilla

4. Toilet Rolls in the Mist

Human beings are the only animals that use toilet rolls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t impress our fellow apes with your lavatorial setup. Gorrillas spend most of their days eating and looking for food, so it’s good to see this one taking some time for contemplation, and holding up a toilet roll in the bargain. With a peaceful expression and relaxed posture, the gorilla provides blessings on every flush, and a reminder not to use toilet rolls that harm habitats! Many thanks to our wonderful customer Julie for sending this one in. 

A fierce dragon toilet roll holder

5. Dragon’s Delight

A holder fit for the bathrooms of Middle Earth. As you can see from the bright white colour of the roll in the picture above, it isn’t one of ours. But prospective customer Janice got in touch before purchasing Naked Sprout to check if our rolls would fit her holder. And with such a magnificent beast, who can blame her? There’s a few die-hard nerds among the Naked Sprout team, and we’d pay good money to read an epic series featuring this chap, surely one of the wisest of dragon kind. The value of gold is subject to change, after all. A dragon with a hoard of toilet roll is really thinking ahead. 

(Just watch out for hobbits!)

A chic freestanding toilet roll holder with a weighted bottom

6. The Free-Stander

A fascinating contender courtesy of stylish Celine, this holder eschews excessive decoration in favour of structure. The solid, substantial base says it all - this is a holder that can stand on its own two feet. Or one foot. Regardless, it’s standing tall, without the wall. We love to see a strong, independent loo roll holder (and we think it’s a very good solution for those with awkward shaped bathrooms!)

An elegant gold antique style toilet roll holder

7. The Antiquarian

Finally, the showstopper. This is one of our own pictures and whenever we feature it on social media everybody stops talking about sustainable toilet roll and starts talking about this holder. It’s enough to make us a bit jealous, but we get the excitement. This one has it all; It’s elegant, it’s convenient, and it’s a bridge to history. 

The original design was produced in 1884 by the “Sanitary Paper Co.” of Bury Street, London. The design featured in an ironmonger periodical that year, which is why we can still get such wonderful reproductions. The toilet paper this would have been designed for was much more like today’s writing paper - crisp and unperforated. With such a spectacular unit we’d be willing to compromise on comfort, but luckily we no longer have to. Our lovely soft bamboo or recycled rolls have all the unbleached elegance of early toilet paper, without the eek factor. 

Fancy gold toilet roll holder

In Conclusion

So that was something completely different! 

We hope you enjoyed this round-up of the weird and wonderful holders that house our toilet rolls. And if you have one at home you’re particularly happy with, please send us a pic! 

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