Tailored Nutrition for your Dog with tails.com

It's always a treat to be able to showcase other brands who are working to reduce everyday waste, and this month it's a doggone delight! Best in show for our September Naked Friend goes to tails.com, helping your dog live their best life with nose-to-tail eating that's as easy as pie. 

If you've been with us for a while you may have noticed a bit of a canine theme  on our website and social media. Our mascot Sprout lives with our founders Leila and Tom and our whole team are animal lovers, with three ponies, three cats, and two dogs between the six of us! 

So when we got a chance to team up with another company who are doing their bit to save waste and provide careful nutrition for our furry friends in the process we jumped at the chance. 

What are tails.com bringing to the table? Read on for more information and a discount that's sure to get tails wagging. 

Why we love tails.com

As dog lovers, tails.com knows that every dog is different. So it’s their mission to provide each and every one with the individual nutrition they need to thrive.

Their team of vets and nutrition experts create a tailor-made kibble blend just for your dog. A one-in-a-million blend that combines high-quality ingredients, selected for your dog’s breed, age, weight, lifestyle and tastebuds. Yum!

Like Naked Sprout, tails.com delivers every month to your door, so you never have to worry about running out of dog food (as well as toilet paper)! You’ll even get a free personalised scoop, for perfect portions every time.

How they're changing things for the better

Since 2013, tails.com has been committed to changing the world of pet food for good. They make decisions that benefit pets, people and the planet – using renewable energy in their factories and utilising packaging designed for recycling.

This includes sourcing ingredients responsibly - using a “nose to tail” approach to feeding. Their meat comes from high-quality cuts and offal like hearts, livers and kidneys, which are rich in nutrients and excellent sources of protein - helping to ensure the whole animal is used. Less waste = happy dogs and happy owners!

Get your first month FREE and 50% off wet food and treats, delivered to your door for just £2. Just use the code SPROUT50 at checkout. 

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Just because we couldn't resist, here's an out-take from our recent photoshoot featuring guest star Pablo giving the coveted dachshund seal of approval to our unbleached toilet roll. Did we mention we're animal lovers???