Tax Policy

Naked Sprout Responsible Tax Policy

Naked Sprout has responsible tax principles across the board and our tax principles are aligned with our beliefs and transparency.

We act in a manner that is safe, ethical and consistent with applicable laws and ‎regulations.

We aim to work with others who share our commitments to safety, ethics and ‎compliance.‎

We are committed to complying with tax laws in a responsible manner, wherever we ‎operate. We adhere to all relevant tax laws and file tax returns as required.‎

We report on, and pay, our taxes on time. We provide complete, accurate and timely ‎information to relevant tax authorities, in response to requests from them or on a voluntary ‎basis in countries where it is common practice to have early discussions with tax ‎authorities.‎

We don’t engage in artificial tax arrangements.

Where incentives exist and apply to our business activity, we aim to use them in the ‎manner intended.‎