An introduction to an eco-friendly bathroom

It’s brilliant to see homes up and down the country doing everything they can to reduce their plastic consumption. Typically, we start this in the kitchen; with loose fruit and vegetables and re-useable containers and bags.

Once we’ve tackled the kitchen, the bathroom is next. Here we find many products that typically come in plastic that can be overlooked; Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Toothpaste, Tooth Brush, Sponges, Toilet Roll etc.

Fortunately there are more and more options to out there to help us ditch the plastic. We have listed a few simple changes you could make for a more eco-friendly bathroom:

- Shampoo can be substituted for a Shampoo and Conditioner Bar (Just like Soap) - lots of refill shops stock these, and you can also check out the wonderful range at grüum.

- Shower Gel can be substituted for a bar of Soap - find one wrapped in paper or card, or nothing at all if possible!

- Toothpaste tubes can be replaced by little capsules that dissolve in your mouth, and bamboo toothbrushes do the job just as well as plastic ones. Our friends at Parla offer both.

- Sponges are often made of plastic. These can be replaced with eco friendly silicone or even a sea sponge. 

-Period products typically come bleached and wrapped in plastic, and many tampons and sanitary pads contain plastic as well. If you use these products you can do the planet (and your body) a favour by switching to unbleached, plastic-free, and re-usable products like the ones offered by &Sisters.

- Finally, toilet roll. Choose a toilet roll made from bamboo or recycled material. Naked Sprout toilet rolls are bamboo or recycled, and contain no plastic or bleach, and we don't use fossil fuels in our manufacturing.