A Few Tweaks to Naked Sprout!

We have an announcement about our sustainable tissue products! This summer we are delighted to be giving our toilet rolls and kitchen rolls a bit of a makeover, so your next order will be even more sustainable and better than ever. 

The first thing you might notice is the shape of our boxes of toilet roll. Feedback from our customers and our logistics team has helped us to work out a shape that will mean our boxes can be stacked, stored, and handled more efficiently, and your rolls will be extra secure on their way to you. 

Once you’ve opened the box you’ll find the rolls inside are more compact. New machinery installed at our factory means that we are now able to wrap our sheets more closely to their cores, meaning we can fit more boxes on each standard pallet. We’ll be making a few more tweaks to reduce the size of our rolls in the coming months, so watch this space! 

The adhesive we use to bind our products has been revised. The glues that bind the plies of most standard toilet rolls will be a PVA glue (if the rolls are vegan) or gelatin (if they're not). As always, we're proud to be making a break from the standard. We’ve found a way to repurpose natural pine resin, a by-product of responsible forestry, to bind our tissue. 

And while we’re making changes to our tissue we have also upgraded its embossing and perforation. This saves adhesive by allowing our plys to bind more easily together, and the changes to our perforation help us make sure every sheet at the start and end of our rolls are uniform and usable, reducing waste.

The sustainability of Naked Sprout is always at the forefront of our minds, and it’s the small changes like this that add up to a big difference. With just these small tweaks we’re able to transport around 750 more rolls per truck, reducing our transport emissions, and we have plans in place that will increase these savings further over the months ahead.

With these changes our products are friendlier to the environment than ever before while still working brilliantly for you at home. We’d love to hear thoughts from our community - if you have any feedback please let us know