Four simple switches for an eco bathroom makeover

a green bathroom with lots of green plants

Transforming your bathroom into an eco-friendly haven doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. There are plenty of sustainable changes you can make that are not only budget-friendly but also fun to implement! Here are four simple ideas to green up your bathroom without breaking the bank. Ready to make a splash? Let’s dive in. 

materials for homemade cleaning

1. Make your own cleaning products

Nobody loves cleaning the bathroom. But we can inject a sprinkle of satisfaction into our routine when we know we’re saving money and doing our bit for the planet at the same time. Conventional cleaning products are not only getting more expensive, they’re often packed with harsh chemicals that can be bad for both your health and the planet, so what’s a good alternative? 

Tip: For a quick, effective alternative to your standard multipurpose cleaners you can take a look in your kitchen cupboards! White vinegar can tackle bacteria with the best of them, and baking soda has fantastic deodorising properties, and both are still cheap as chips in UK supermarkets. Good Housekeeping has provided some simple, effective recipes for using these cupboard staples to make cleaning products that work just as well as any you’ll find in the shops. And while you’re raiding your kitchen for cleaning materials, you might want to check the recycling. Old sheets of newspaper are better for streak-free cleaning than the fanciest cloth, and they will work on mirrors just as well as windows. 

shower head

Install water-saving devices

Water conservation is a great step in “greenifying” your bathroom, and it will reduce your water bill as well – a win-win all round! 

Tip: Install water-saving devices like low-flow showerheads and aerators for your taps. These gadgets are affordable, easy to install, and can significantly reduce water usage without sacrificing performance. A low-flow showerhead, for example, is a simple swap that can cut your water use significantly. You might also think about a dual-flush replacement for your toilet; in theory, they should help you save water by allowing you to choose between full and half flushes. But in 2020 water saving organisation Waterwise stated that between 5-8% of toilets with dual flush systems were leaking, leading to billions of gallons of wasted water per year.

So the jury’s still out on dual-flush systems overall, but while we’re on the topic of toilets… 

a basket of unbleached toilet rolls

Take another look at your loo roll

The most heavily used item in your bathroom is probably soap, with toilet roll coming a close second. The average person in the UK gets through 127 toilet rolls per year, but standard rolls have a hefty environmental footprint in harsh chemicals, fossil fuels, and plastic. And they’re getting pricier too!  

Tip: Toilet rolls shouldn’t cost the earth, and they shouldn’t break the bank either. Consider switching to an eco friendly toilet roll like Naked Sprout. Our rolls aren’t bleached, they aren’t manufactured using fossil fuels, and everyone who works for us is paid a living wage. They are also the same price - or cheaper - as many of the standard rolls you’ll find in the supermarket. So you can feature our lovely beige rolls in your bathroom, basking in the knowledge that they’re more sustainable for the planet and for your wallet as well! 

Lavender bar soap

Look for plastic-free products

Reducing plastic waste is crucial for protecting our environment, and your bathroom is a great place to start. But plastic is everywhere in our bathrooms - from shampoo bottles to disposable razors, so where can we begin? 

Tip: Switching to plastic-free products often takes a bit of rooting around, but it can be done!  For toiletries, try bar soaps and shampoos instead of liquid ones that come in plastic bottles. You can pick up these products online and most refill stores will sell them as well. And if you’re heading into a refill store, you can check out their selection of refillable liquids, where you’ll often find handsoap, shampoos and conditioners, and often cleaning products as well.  Swapping to refillables will not only reduce plastic waste but often save you money in the long run.

Final thoughts

Going green in the bathroom doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and it shouldn’t be costly. By making a few simple changes, you can create an eco-friendly space that benefits both the environment and your wallet. From raiding your kitchen cupboards to refilling your shampoo, each little tweak is a step to a more positive space for your daily suds and scrubbing! Here’s to greener, cleaner living, one bathroom at a time. 

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