The UK’s First Unbleached Recycled Toilet Paper

After months of research and development we are thrilled to introduce a new product; and it’s a UK first: Recycled unbleached toilet rolls, made the Naked Sprout way. 

Why are we Making Recycled Rolls? 

We founded Naked Sprout with a simple goal - to manufacture the best possible tissue products with the lowest possible impact. 

We got off to a strong start with bamboo but we didn’t want to stop there. So we set ourselves a new challenge; a 100% recycled roll with no bleach, no fossil fuels, and the most sustainable processes possible. 

waste cardboard boxes

What are we Recycling? 

Making a truly sustainable recycled roll meant taking a fresh view of the source material. Changes to working patterns since the pandemic have meant that offices are using a lot less white printer paper, which is the standard raw material used in recycled tissue. As a result many manufacturers are having to rely on importing material from far and wide to meet their supply needs, or even turning back to traditional timber sources.

So we decided to think outside the box; or rather, think about the box! 

The switch to more remote working in recent years has also led to a rise online deliveries, and a huge increase in cardboard boxes and kraft paper that ends up in the recycling bin. We have applied the lessons we have learned so far to refine and expand our processes to make full use of this currently underused but growingly available resource. 

How much waste cardboard are we making use of? A lot! Here is one of our founders Tom, standing next to an absolute mountain of cardboard boxes that will become Naked Sprout toilet rolls.

Our founder Tom standing with the cardboard boxes we recycle to make our rolls

So now waste cardboard and paper sourced in the area around our factory has a new lease of life in unbleached recycled toilet rolls, made with renewable energy generated onsite at our factory, that sit alongside our existing bamboo products.

Recycled or Bamboo? 

Not sure which roll is right for you? Carbon footprint-wise there isn’t much in it, you can see our figures on our website. In terms of texture we’ve found that the bamboo feels a bit thicker than recycled, and the fact that recycled tissue has already had one round of processing means that it breaks down rapidly.

We have been delighted with the response to our new addition and we’d like to say a huge thank you to all our customers. Your support makes it possible for us to keep innovating new, truly sustainable, processes and products. We will keep pushing forward!

Curious to try them out? The UK's first unbleached recycled toilet rolls are available in our store now.