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Naked Sprout founders Leila and Tom on Brighton beach

We have a big announcement. 

We founded Naked Sprout in 2020 because we believed everyday tissue products should be made simply and sustainably. As we enter our fourth year we are more convinced than ever. 

So, we want to expand. We often receive queries from people outside the UK who have heard about what we are doing, and want to make the switch. We’d love to be able to welcome them aboard. To support our plans to grow into Europe, we’re launching a new crowdfunding campaign through Seedrs

This is your opportunity to join our journey at an incredibly exciting time by investing in Naked Sprout, for as little as £20. 

What is crowdfunding, and what does it mean to invest with us? Read on…

A production line of toilet rolls

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding provides a way for businesses to secure funding, and for individuals to support the work of teams they believe in. Instead of going to a single or small set of investors, crowdfunding allows companies to bring their vision to their whole community, using a specialised crowdfunding website such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or, in our case Seedrs.

To start a crowdfunding campaign a company sets a financial goal and a deadline. Supporters then visit the funding website and if they connect with the idea, they pledge money towards it. If the campaign reaches or surpasses its financial target within the set timeframe, the project gets the green light. The funds are used to bring the idea to life, and backers get to see the impact of their contribution. 

So what do individual supporters get in return? This can vary depending on the approach that the company is taking. We are raising on Seedrs for a specific reason; if you back our campaign, you are investing in us. For as little as £20, you can buy shares in Naked Sprout.

A man carrying a box of Naked Sprout toilet rolls

Seedrs is built for equity crowdfunding. We wanted a platform that values transparency, security, and community – and that’s exactly what Seedrs provides. They’ve got a stellar track record, a user-friendly platform, and they’re regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ensuring that all operations are conducted with integrity and transparency. 

While investing is never a sure thing, and returns are never guaranteed, Seedrs does a brilliant job of ensuring that all projects meet stringent criteria before they’re open for investment.


Our Plans

We used Seedrs to raise funds in 2022 and we were overwhelmed by the support of our community. We didn’t waste a single penny. With help from the funds from our 2022 campaign we have been able to expand our manufacturing base and storage capacity at our marvellous B Corp factory in Spain and triple our customer base in 18 months. 

Our business is simple and scalable and, with the seeds of our last investment, we’ve proven how fast we can grow. Now we have a much bigger community, and even more ambition. 

Brighton beach

Our neighbours in Europe spend £16 billion annually on toilet roll. If we were to gain just 0.4% of this market, Naked Sprout would be 10 times the size it is now, making huge savings in the CO2e, bleach, and plastic that are being produced with every conventional roll. 

We’re ready to do it, and we want you with us. 

Ready to Roll? 

When you invest with us, you’re part of our story, with equity, updates, and discounts on Naked Sprout purchases. There’s much more detail about becoming an investor through Seedrs on their website, and more information about our own plans on our campaign page. It’s live now. 

If you’re feeling the excitement and ready to support our plans for the next stage of Naked Sprout, we’re more than ready to welcome you. Head over to our campaign page, read up on the details, and, if it feels right, take the leap with us. 

Warm regards,

Leila, Tom, and the Naked Sprout team. 


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