Naked Sprout Bamboo Toilet Paper V Recycled Toilet Paper

“But we use recycled toilet paper so that’s got to be better than bamboo toilet paper from China”


Our toilet paper is manufactured in China – as this is where the Bamboo is grown. Asia is known as the ‘Kingdom of Bamboo’ growing the most bamboo of any continent in the world. Bamboo is not commercially available to manufacture toilet paper in Europe – so we have taken the decision to keep our manufacturing close to the raw materials.

Although wood and recycled paper are available closer to home, having researched the environmental pros and cons we believe our bamboo toilet roll is better for the environment.

To produce recycled paper – there must be a market for paper in the first place – so by buying recycled paper – we are inadvertently maintaining the production of tree based paper products – encouraging continued deforestation.

Carbon emissions from producing our bamboo Naked Rolls are 30% lower than recycled and 65% lower than normal toilet roll. Recycled toilet paper is in fact, extremely toxic. It takes many chemicals to de-ink and re-bleach old newspapers etc and quite often, wood pulp needs to be added again resulting in deforestation and chemicals entering our waterways. 

To produce Naked Sprout toilet paper, bamboo is simply harvested, shredded, boiled and rolled into paper.

We know our product isn’t perfect – but we are committed to doing all we can to reduce the impact toilet rolls have on the environment and we want you to make the right, educated choice.