Both forms are more eco-friendly than your Regular Toilet Roll. But Bamboo Toilet Roll wins overall for a number of reasons: 

Avoids deforestation 

Even though Recycled Toilet Roll should as well, it’s not the case. It loses strength and quality each time its recycled, therefore virgin paper is introduced into the process to make it stronger. There are also a finite number of times recycled can be recycled – normally 4 to 6 times. And toilet roll is the end of the recycling chain for paper (it’s not recycled after use). To produce recycled paper there must be a market for paper in the first place. By buying recycled paper we are inadvertently maintaining the production of tree-based paper products – encouraging continued deforestation. 

Less chemicals 

The manufacturing of our Bamboo Toilet Roll uses less chemicals than Recycled Toilet Roll. But most Bamboo Toilet Roll involves bleaching. This is where Naked Sprout come out on top – as there are no bleach or chemicals used in our process.  

Recycled toilet paper requires chemicals for whitening and inking/dying, mainly bisphenol-A (BPA).  

Less energy 

It takes a lot of energy to breakdown and mix the recycled paper together to achieve the correct paper consistency, before the process of pressing and manufacturing the rolls start. To produce Naked Sprout Toilet Roll the bamboo is simply harvested, shredded, boiled and rolled into paper. 

Renewable plant

Bamboo is extremely resilient and can grow in inhospitable conditions. It doesn’t need as many nutrients as other trees or plants. Bamboo is renewable and actually re-grows after it’s harvested – so doesn’t need re-planting.

Less water 

Water requirements for the growth of bamboo are far lower than for trees. The process of separating recycled raw material to collect the plastics, staples, clips... is normally done with a method called flotation which is very intensive in water. We save around 5 litres per box of 48 toilet rolls thanks to not using recycled fibres.

Better carbon footprint

Carbon emissions from producing our bamboo Naked Rolls are 30% lower than recycled - and 65% lower than normal toilet roll. Recycled toilet paper is extremely toxic and involves chemicals to de-ink and re-bleach old newspapers etc. 

We know our product isn’t perfect – but we are committed to doing all we can to reduce the impact toilet rolls have on the environment :)