Naked Sprout have put some facts together about Ocean Pollution

 - If we carry on like we are, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish

- As plastic ends up in the sea, tidal patterns, winds and currents collect the plastic together and form what is known as garbage patches – pretty much floating islands of rubbish - the largest of which is big enough to cover France twice and more

 - Marine animals get confused and eat little pieces of plastic mistaking them for food resulting in their premature death

 - Areas of sea that gives such low oxygen levels because of toxins in the water causing marine animals to suffocate and die are known as Death Zones. There are nearly 150 of these in our seas, the largest of which is the size of Israel or New Jersey

 - 2045 could see the extinction of coral reefs. That would be the collapse of the whole eco-system - massively accelerating the deterioration of marine life numbers