Destination Zero: Science Based Targets

A funny thing about sustainable businesses; where traditional companies want to see their numbers going up, up, up, we focus on the numbers coming down, down, down.

The most important number is CO2e. This is what we call our “emissions,” the combined measure of all of the greenhouse gasses associated with our operations. We want it as close to zero as we can possibly get - if we’re doing our jobs right it will be lower every year.

Charting a course to zero isn’t easy. We are always looking at ways to refine our processes and our products so that we are making the very best choices for sustainability.

One of the biggest differences between Naked Sprout and other eco toilet rolls is our decision not to offset, working instead towards true sustainability by manufacturing with renewable energy that’s generated on-site at our factory.

We don’t want to stop there, so with offsetting out of the picture, we are left with the real-life, practical changes we can make to our operations on a day-to-day level.

We obsess about these details; what is the most efficient way to pack and ship our products, for example? Or how can we make the most of the renewable energy we generate at our factory? Luckily we aren’t going it alone. We are proud to have our near and long-term net-zero target approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is a global partnership bringing together CDP, the United Nations Global Compact, the World Resources Institute and the WWF.

They create models to define and promote the best practice in emissions reduction, in line with the best climate science. Then they lend this understanding to companies like Naked Sprout, providing technical assistance that addresses all aspects of our operations, so we know the most effective ways to reduce our impact.

Naked Sprout has approved near and long-term science-based emissions reduction targets with the SBTi. We have a clear path -with targets that are assessed and validated, and guidance on the best way forward. The SBTi has verified Naked Sprout’s net-zero science-based target by 2040.

As far as we know we are the first toilet roll company in the UK to make these commitments.

When it comes to sustainability, we know there is a lot of greenwashing out there. But the situation is urgent; the only way we can limit climate change is with rapid and deep cuts to global emissions. More than 5000 companies are taking action with the SBTi today, and there will be more tomorrow.

The road to net-zero is not arbitrary, and reaching it is not impossible. Naked Sprout is proud to be making a change and striking out for zero with the Science Based Targets initiative.